We have a variety of pricing structures available including daily board or monthly packages, so please inquire for the service that best suits your needs.
One of the most special times for a horse owner is when their mare is ready to foal. At Sunset Sands, we offer foaling services to clients who cannot, or prefer not to have their mares foal at home. We welcome a limited number of mares each foaling season.

Our foaling services include, full board, daily turnout & exercise, 24-hour monitoring before and after foaling.

We are also available to accommodate re-breeding via shipped semen if you should choose to leave your mare with us to be rebred.
Our Facility
Pre-Foaling Monitoring & Maintenance
Foaling Process
After Foaling Follow-Up
Rebreeding Options
Large (16í x 16í) video-monitored foaling stalls, providing a safe & comfortable environment
for your mare.

Each stall has interior access and an exterior door leading to individual turnout.

With ownerís consent and weather permitting, each mare is offered daily turnout until they are ready to foal. We feel exercise for the expectant mare is very important to help prevent edema (swelling in the limbs) and prepare for proper positioning of the foal, as well as a healthy state of mind.
We offer individual attention regarding feeding and special needs for your mare, whether it be feed supplements, medications or an injury or lameness that needs tending to.

Mares are observed closely for body & attitude changes, and we keep detailed notes on her progress & habits, so you may use this information for future foalings.

24 hour discreet video monitoring is available, so we are able to monitor your mare without disturbing her.
Attended delivery by experienced professionals.

Umbilical cord care (navel dip immediately after birth).

On-call veterinary assistance is available if required.

After each foaling, all of the following must have taken place before we consider it a successful foaling: The foal must be able to stand, nurse on itís own and have passed itís meconium. The mare must have successfully passed the placenta and be up on her feet & comfortable with all contractions ceased.
Mare and/or foal veterinary exam, if desired.

Umbilical cord care (repeated dips over the next several days).

Daily handling & imprinting of the foal.

Individual turnout if your mare & foal stay with us for an extended period of time.
Should you choose to rebreed you mare via shipped semen, you are welcome to leave her at our facility until she is rebred.

Stringent communication is maintained between our farm, the stallion owner and mare owner to allow for a successful rebreeding at a reasonable cost to the mare owner.
Mare Requirements
When to Bring Your Mare
Current year, or recent (within the last 6 months) negative Coggins test.

Vaccination record.

Deworming record.
Ideally, it is recommended mares arrive about 30 days prior to foaling. This allows your mare to get acclimated to her new surroundings and to produce antibodies against the microorganisms from the new environment, and subsequently, to pass these to the foal in the colostrum.

We understand, however, that emergencies and unplanned events do occur, so provided space is available, we will be able to take in an expectant mare on short notice.

Upon a successful delivery, your mare & foal should be able to travel home within a few days of birth.
Foaling Services
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